New Year, New Goals

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

2011, a brand new opportunity to set goals, train hard and have fun. Before I get into my 2011 goals, a quick recap of 2010:

January: Decide to improve diet, & work out more

March: Knee surgery for torn meniscus

July: Commitment to begin competitive cycling, Begin tracking workouts

August: First long-distance bike ride (60+miles), First competitive 5k run

September: Two 100+ mile bike rides; injury

October: Begin spin workouts & commutes to work on bike

November: Begin rowing workouts, begin long-distance runs

December: Begin “Gym Triathlon” training sessions.

July- December Totals: Run– 95+ miles , Bike– 670+ miles

2011 Goals

– Complete at least 2 Sprint Triathlons

-Complete 1/2 Marathon

-Complete at least two 100+ mile Bike Rides

-Complete Full Marathon




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