Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

So its the New Year- how am I doing? Overall, I’m most pleased with my running- I’ve been making consistent progress since the fall, and am running at a pace much quicker than I expected. I can knock out a 5k in about 24 minutes- and thats on hilly terrain; I’m actually notching about 6.5/7.0 minute miles on level ground. All of this running probably accounts for my resting heart rate- a healthy 52bpm.

My biking has probably suffered as a result of the cold; while I’ll suite up and go running in 20 degrees, biking at that temp’s a completely different story and I haven’t been on the road in a while. I try to hit a spin class at least once a week, but this is definitely an area I’ll need to focus on as the weather gets warmer.

The third & most important part of my training is swimming. I’ve logged a couple of hours in the pool this month, and every time it gets a little easier. I’m optimistic about my progress and am looking forward to my swim lessons.

If there’s a real weakness in my routine its in weight training, I don’t do a whole lot of it anymore, and I can tell I’ve lost some of my muscle. As a trainer pointed out to me the other day, with all the cardio I do, without an equal emphasis on strength training I’ll continue to loose muscle mass along with the fat. He measured me at 13.8% body fat, which I guess is pretty good, but since I am okay with the weight I’m at now, he suggested working on maintaining weight by building muscle and loosing fat.

Overall I’m pretty happy with where I am at now this early in the year, and think I’ll be pretty good when all the competition starts up in a couple of months. I think my early events will be road races- triathlon will probably be mid to late summer depending on how confident I’m feeling with my swimming.



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