Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

In all my eagerness to become as fit as possible for this upcoming season, I have to own up to overdoing it.  The cumulative effect of either running, biking, lifting or swimming for 25 straight days is starting to wear on me. My neck is painfully announcing I’ve spent too many hours splashing around the pool in poor form, my hamstrings are letting me know they’ve had enough of Marco Borges “Power Moves” (as great of book as it is), and  Brisa would probably appreciate if she heard from me every now and then.

The prospect of developing my peak physical fitness in order to be able to run marathons, bike centuries and complete triathlons grabbed a hold of me last summer and has driven me to 5:30am pool sessions, 6am 9-milers, and sometimes multiple training sessions a day. I’m definitely seeing progress, but in reality by not giving my body enough recovery time, I’m probably actually hindering my results. Though my swimming & running have both improved, I’m going to try to cool it for a little bit- and make sure I’m getting enough sleep.

Plus as a little reward, I just decided to get some new gear: A Helium Fuel Belt so I can hydrate while running & have a place to stash my keys/phone etc, and a Garmin Forerunner 305 to help with my training. Both purchases were driven by recent running experiences- a headache for hours after an 8.5 mile run on 1 cup of water, and wildly inefficient split times. Hopefully with this new gear, I’ll keep my body hydrated & moving at an efficient pace.


  1. adouglas says:

    Please remember the women in your life and Be Careful! Love MAB

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