Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Though I was hoping for a sub-45 finishing time for the Northeast Road Runners Winter 10k, I actually came in at 00:48:10 (#45 out of 140). I honestly wasn’t that surprised though- I haven’t been able to run in a week since the heavy lifting I did last Tuesday killed my hamstrings, so I had no choice but to let my legs recover before today’s big effort.

I came up with the 45 minute goal based on my 39 minute 5 miler a few weeks ago- but that race was on rolling terrain- and I think the downhills helped me more than the uphills hurt. Another challenge today was not having my garmin available- right before the race started it started flashing a “low battery” message, and rather than risk loosing any sense of my time midway through the race, I switched out the watch for my standby timex- no distance or pace readings- just a good old fashioned stopwatch feature. It gets the job done, but I still need help in learning to pace myself. My splits are still all over the place. here are the times I logged during the run:

Mile 1- 00:7:28/ Mile 3- 00:24:30/ Mile 5- 00:41:00/ Mile 6- 00:48:10

Basically, I started & finished strong- averaging a 7:19 pace in miles 1 & 6. However, my pace dropped over a full minute during miles 2 & 3 to around 8:31. Then after the halfway point, I picked it up again and averaged 8:15’s in miles 4 & 5.  I’m not sure what I can do other than constantly checking my garmin to make sure I’m on target.

Overall, I’m satisfied with my performance & am already looking forward to my next event:  April 17th Upper Main Line Sprint Triathlon!!!!



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