Swim Progress

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I had to fight with myself to roll out of bed at 5am this morning, but I did, and it was worth it. I had my best swim practice to date, and am feeling good about being ready for my April 17th triathlon. When I first slipped into the pool an icy January morning, I quickly realized how far I had to go to get my swimming on par. I only learned to swim 5 years ago- and this was about 2 years after I had to get pulled out of a lake when I accidentally got in over my head- literally.

I’ve been working very hard to learn the freestyle stroke, and have spent hours upon hours practicing how to position my body, breathe correctly and the myriad of other little details someone who’s been swimming since a kid doesn’t even have to think about. Between my swim instructor and Richard, a triathlete that swims a lot of mornings that I do and gives me advice, I’ve made significant progress.

On January 7th, my first swim of the year, I was barely able to swim the full 25yards of the pool, and logged just 384yds in 29 minutes- most of it in a haphazard breaststroke. This morning, I was able to swim 350yards, freestyle, in 00:13:27 with minimal breaks after 50 yd intervals. I was also able to lay down some respectable 25yd sprint pieces during the rest of my workout.

I’ve got just over a month before my triathlon to continue to strengthen my swimming ability. On that day I’ll need to be able to swim 450m in a decent time, before I do the 10 mile bike and 5k. run If I’m able to keep progressing at the rate I have, I feel good about my chances to have a successful swim.



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