Broad Street Run

Posted: May 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

This was my first year participating in the Broad Street Run, the nation’s largest 10 mile road race, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I think the organizers did a fantastic job between coordinating parking for ten’s of thousands, running tons of express trains, making sure the gear buses ran smoothly & that there was plenty of drink throughout the course and food at the end. A job well done!

Personally, I really surprised myself with how well I ran.  In the beginning I was finding it very hard to consistently hit the pace I was looking for- somewhere around 8:30 minute miles. As the miles passed, it got easier though and I got a boost of energy from the high fives from grandma’s & little kids alike.  (although the spectators telling us “almost done” at mile 3 were kind of ridiculous, lol) Throughout the race I made sure to drink lots of water/gatorade & had an energy gu at mile 5 to make sure I didn’t bonk.

Somewhere around City Hall, I got a second wind and just hit a nice groove, I started running 7:49s, 7:30s and I wasn’t even tired. I kept looking at my pace watch and thinking I should slow down or I would crash by the end, but I didn’t. Mile 7 was a little tough, but at Mile 8 I kicked it up a notch again since I knew the end was close.  About 300 meters from the finish I went into an all out sprint, and was so happy to see my finishing time- 01:19:54- a whole 10 minutes better than I was hoping!

I was even more pleased when I saw my results relative to the field:

Overall I placed #3,563 out of 25,197 finishers (there were 30,000 registered runners, not sure how many didn’t show up, and how many just didn’t finish) with an average pace of 07:59 minute miles.

You can find my results by searching by my name or Bib #13090 at this link: 2011 Broad Street Run results.

Congrats to everyone who finished the run, including Jayne, Laura & Eli! Thanks to the volunteers and fans who made the run enjoyable & hats off to the elite competitors who finished with some mind boggling times- including the top runner at under 47 minutes, and top wheelchair racer at 35 minutes!



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