Tri Preparation

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Although I felt like crap, I went for a swim this morning (based on the rule of thumb for exercising: if you are sick above the neck, you can work out based on how you feel; below the neck- rest until you get better). Since my next triathlon is an open water swim with no pool sides to hang onto when I get tired, this month I’m really focusing on building my endurance.

It was a big deal for me when I was able to 1st swim 100 yards continuously, then I moved up to ~200ish yards, and this morning for the first time I hit 500 yards (440= 1/4 mile). I took a nice easy pace, and I was surprised at how easy it felt. I thought I’d start struggling around 300, but really aside from some arm fatigue, it wasn’t a big deal and I felt like I could have easily done another 200 or so yards. I think I’m able to do this since my breathing technique is much improved from when I started (its automatic now- never thought that would happen!), and my body is already used to logging swims twice as far- I just usually break them up w/30 sec or 1 min between sets.

This is a big confidence booster for me- it lets me know that I can complete an open water swim. It might be tougher because of the elements/current, etc, but mentally I know I can go the distance.  I’m getting excited about this tri, and am looking into wetsuits. I’m debating getting a full suit or a sleeveless.

A sleeveless suit has the advantages of being less restrictive in the shoulder area, and is quicker to take off in transition. A fullsuit however, provides added warmth and buoyancy. Here are the two suits I’m considering:

   Xterra Volt                                                 Xterra Vortex 3


I’m hoping to get one in the next couple of weeks so I can get used to the feeling of swimming in one (I’ve heard it can feel claustrophobic in the beginning), and practice putting the suit on/off. It can be tricky when you are just learning, and fumbling with your suit for 5 minutes in T1 pretty much undoes the effort you put into fast times in swim, bike & run. Here’s one video on getting into a suit:



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