Year in Review

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

After the Philly marathon in November, my training fell off a cliff, so I figure now is a good time as any for my year-end recap. This year, I competed in lots of races- several 10ks, an 8-miler, a 10-miler and a marathon. I also completed 3 sprint triathlons and a 125 mile bike ride.

These were all rewarding to me for different reasons. While the 125 mile ride was a repeat of last year, I cut an hour off my finishing time. The marathon was amazing given my knee surgery last year and fact I had never run more than 2 miles before last summer. What was the most satisfying though, were the triathlons. Having only learned to swim in my 20’s and never really being comfortable in the water, evening toeing the starting line represented a lot of hard work and courage.

Here are some of the numbers: Between January and August I swam 34 miles, between March and September I biked 768 and in the last 12 months I’ve run 616 miles.  When I look back to the goals I set for myself in January (New Year, New Goals), I did pretty well. My goals for 2012 are modest becuase I want to focus on “quality” and not quanity”. I’d like to run another marathon, and most importantly, I’m looking to complete 3 Olympic Triathlons.

(This is part of a bigger plan to complete an Ironman w/in 3 years:  Olympic distance in 2012, half-irons in 2013 and a full Ironman in 2014.)

All in all, a good year, and looking forward to next. Best of luck to everyone in their pursuits and Happy Holidays!




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