Swim Challenges

Posted: July 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

tri swimThis weekend I participated in my first triathlon in nearly two years. While I’m pleased with the results- 00:01:24 for a .5mi swim, 13 mi. bike and 5k run, I felt pretty outclassed on the swim. My bike time was pretty solid, as I averaged a 20mph pace, and my run splits- approximately 7min 30 second miles were also decent. However, by the time I exited the water and got to transition it was clear that most people had already gotten out- including the  newbies I had talked to earlier that were racked next to me and participating in their first triathlon on mountain bikes.

The swim is a real struggle for me- I don’t really experience panic, which can be a major factor for people, and I’ve gotten more comfortable swimming out of the pool, taking pains to swim a couple of weekends at the beach recently to get used to chilly temperatures and waves, but for some reason I’m still slow. Honestly, I don’t mind too much the slapping, kicking and even the elbow I took the eye- I just wish I was faster.

I’m going to have to commit to really practicing harder, and faster- they say if you want to race faster you have to train faster. Unlike the bike and run where I’m able to pull out an extra gear beyond what I normally do in training, when it comes to the swim, its like I loose a gear. Very frustrating. But overall, glad that I’m at least able to compete again.



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