Tri Success!

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

ImageRecently I completed my second Olympic distance triathlon of the season and finished the swim in around 33 minutes, just outside of the top 1/2 of the field (114/226). Overall I felt pretty good during the swim, and really made the effort to go hard. In prior swims I think I held back a little bit for fear of running out of steam and having to slowly slosh my way to the finish. It was a huge mental boost to get back to transition after the swim and see so many bikes still racked. Its pretty demoralizing to get back when all the bikes are gone and you know you were one of the slowest swimmers.

While I’m happy with my performance, I still want to do better, and will work hard to improve for next year. Compared to last year however, I saw encouraging progress- my olympic swim time last year was around 38 minutes, so to cut that down to 33 is solid improvement. If I can cut it by another 5 minutes next summer, to 27, that would probably put me in the top 1/3 for that leg.

Overall, I’m pleased with my tri results this season. Being my first year back from injury, I set a goal of completing three triathlons- two of them olympic- and I did. In the first- the Park City Mossman Triathlon, I finished ranked 57/228, and in the Six Flags Triathlon, I finished 68/226- both of them top third finishes. I’m already placing well in the bike and run, so if I can continue to improve my swim, my rank will improve considerably. For instance- if I had improved my swim by 5 minutes at Six Flags Tri, I would jump 16 spots to #52- a top 25% finish.

Up on the schedule for next year- at least three triathlons, including for the first time, a 1/2 ironman. I’m actually optimistic that as the race length increases I’ll do better since I’ll have more time on the bike and run to make up time lost on the swim. We’ll see!



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