2013 in Review

Posted: December 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

ImageAfter dealing with a foot injury that pretty much nixed my entire 2012 season, I was delighted at the results of my efforts in the Spring of 2013 to run again. By starting with sessions on the Alter-G — a zero gravity treadmill– I was able to re-acclimate myself to running. Doctors told me my stress fracture wasn’t going to heal and so I had two options: 1) suck it up and run through the discomfort/pain, or 2) have surgery. Having had surgery once before, and just beginning to embark on my 30′s, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of another surgery, and so opted for option #1.

The discomfort– which is probably a more apt description at this point than pain — comes and goes, but it is manageable. Once I felt confident that I would be able to run again without jeopardizing whatever chance for recovery remained (there was none), I began thinking about my 2013 race calendar. I decided I wanted to get back into triathlon, and do at least two olympic distance races to get me back on track to complete an ironman. I also decided I didn’t want to risk a marathon just yet, and so decided to shoot for a half-marathon

As 2013 begins to draw to a close, I’m looking back on my 2013 season, and am pretty pleased. Not only did I complete three triathlons and a half marathon, as I had hoped, but my running ability has come back, and exceeded where I was pre-injury. That is amazing and I’m very greatful for it. I’m planning on running a 5k in December both to keep myself on a training schedule, but to test my limits. As I’ve hit milestones-  125 mile bike ride, a marathon, a triathlon- I push myself for longer and harder challenges. However, I’m also excited about checking in on my short-distance abilities, and seeing what I can do with a 5k race. I’d be pumped to break 21 minutes, and will be training hard for the next couple of weeks.

Looking ahead to 2014, I’m planning on continuing my drive to complete an ironman. Once I completed some sprint triathlons, it was inevitable that I’d eye an olympic, a 1/2 iron, and of course an ironman, and so I decided I would move up one level per year. Last year was derailed because of injury, and so that means 2014 is my year for a half-ironman. So my triathlon goals for 2014 are to complete at least three triathlons- a sprint, an olympic, and a half-iron. I’ll shoot to do the half iron in late summer/early fall, and then will set my sights on a running. If I can find a race that gives me enough time to recover before getting back into training, I’d like to run a marathon. If not, I think I’ll target two 1/2 marathons.

Training for a 1/2 iron will be a serious time and fitness commitment, and what that means is I’ll need to build a deep base of fitness over the winter so I’m ready to really ramp up and begin racing in the spring. Probably more important than anything will be the work I do in my least favorite discipline– and biggest challenge– swimming.

Here are my 2013 stats so far: between March and October I swam 42 miles, ran 373 miles and biked 1,358 miles.



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