Bum Knee

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

imagesNo matter how many times I overdo it and think I’ve learned my lesson, it never seems to stick. Since early January I’ve been experiencing pain in my knee.  I tried to back off, do a bit of stretching, but really didn’t take enough time off, or see through the physical therapy as much as I should off. Now, as the spring arrives and I really need to dig into training for races this year, I’m making the hard choice of pulling out of my May 17th Half-Marathon. If I’m being honest with myself I probably should be taking at least 4-6 weeks off and focus on getting strong and building a deep, comfortable, injury-free base, before I think about racing again.

Its hard a thing to acknowledge, especially when this was supposed to be a big year for me- a 1/2 Ironman and a full marathon. I still harbor those goals, but am going to do it the right way, meaning if I’m not healthy and ready, I’m not going to do it. I want to be healthy and strong for years to come, and every time I ignore the warning signs and push through I do myself no favors. By all accounts I have runners knee- not serious, but requires intervention (rest, strengthening) to really get better. Sigh.



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