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It happened going heading into the top of a descent, in a corner I’ve taken hundreds of times, and not at all at high speed– maybe 15-18 mph. I don’t really remember exactly what happened– I think I was overtaking a slow recreational rider but in getting back on my line, my rear wheel slipped out. There’s that instant or two where you are aware that you’ve lost control, and then it fast forwards to your face smacking into the pavement. Bruised and bloody, I hailed a cab home. The bike was a little scratched up and the hoods of the handlebars and derailleur bent, but otherwise the bike seemed okay. As for myself, I checked my teeth repeatedly, and was relieved none of them were knocked loose


The most painful symptom was my wrist which I must have stuck out to break my fall, and quickly became swollen. I got it checked out the next morning and they said it wasn’t anything more than a sprain, but three weeks later, and its still sore. As it so happened, the night before the crash I stayed up pretty late researching triathlon bikes, and convinced myself I needed one to complete my half-ironman later this year.  Combined with the damaged road bike, that pretty much sealed the deal, and within the week I went out and purchase a brand new, beautiful triathlon bike.


A few rides uncomfortable rides later though, and buyer’s regret setting in, I returned the bike. The ride just felt too uncomfortable and unstable to be worth the money I paid for it, even if it was an amazing deal. Once I returned the bike, I felt much better about my bank account, and felt good getting back on the road bike, which I had fixed. I do think eventually I will need to get a triathlon bike; essentially everything I’ve read confirms that the tri bike geometry is necessary to preserve the leg muscles for the long run to come off the bike. For now, I’ll keep with the road bike, see how it feels in the half-iron, and maybe buy a tri bike at the beginning of next year as I begin training for the full iron.

Probably one of the most frustrating things about all of this is the lingering hesitation I feel cornering now, and especially in the corner where I crashed. I’ve partially addressed that issue by replacing the rear tire– a few weeks ago when replacing the flat-prone, worn-out rear tire, the local bike shop convinced me to go with a racing slick, which had no tread pattern, but they assured me the tactile grip of the tire was solid for gripping the road. I’m convinced the skid was partially due to this slick tire, and moved it to the front, and put a new tire, with good tread, on the rear. I’m sure eventually I’ll get over it, but for now, it sucks.



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