Posted: August 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

sore_thumbNot really sure what is going on here, but less than a month after my first (and only) real bike crash, I had another incident this weekend, fracturing my thumb. It was absurdly silly how it happened– after stopping at a police barricade to confirm the roadway was open to pedestrians and cyclists, I clipped in, took half a revolution, looked over my shoulder and realized I was too close to oncoming joggers to safely merge. I quickly swerved away from them…and directly into the barricade. I guess my mind only had time to process either breaking or unclipping, and it chose the latter.

I continued on to the park afterwards, embarrassed and annoyed, not really thinking anything of the pain, figuring it was just smashed so of course it hurt, until many hours later when Brisa realized my hand and forearm were cold and the finger was turning very purple. So I went and checked it out– and it turns out I have something called a “tufts fracture”. My thumb is pretty useless, and at the doctors suggestion, I reluctantly pulled out of the olympic triathon I was supposed to participate in next week. The risk of getting it further banged up in the swim is too great given my real goal for the season is the 1/2 Iron in September.

So I’ll take the next week or so off from swimming and focus on running (and cycling when I have enough control in the thumb to safely ride). Not the end of the world, but annoying. I would love to be injury free for like six months.



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