Posted: March 19, 2017 in Uncategorized


So much has happened since my last post when I was dealing with the news I mostly likely had osteoarthiritis in my right ankle. I spent some time on PT and resting and wound up actually having a pretty good year, including my first-ever duathlon and an amazing 5k PR of 00:19:18, taking home my second running award ever, placing 3rd in my division and in the top 10 overall. I was feeling so good about my running that I ramped up my distance with the intention of running a half marathon in December. Everything was on track until I became very ill and had to take a week off running. When I returned, I had inexplicable pain in my knee that wouldn’t go away while running. I tried to rest, stretch, run less, but the pain kept returning. So I decided to take time off and focus on strengthening my knee.

I was in the midst of a very productive winter training session with a lot of strength building, when I had a snowboarding accident. I wound up being knocked out, suffering a concussion, and bruised/cut/swollen lips. As a result of the concussion, the doctor advised I avoid strenuous physical activity (aka working out) for about a month. That was a real blow, not only because I was in a really good place fitness-wise, but because it was yet again, another injury/setback on my health.

After all of the start and stops with my body injuries, I think I’m finally ready to accept that I probably won’t be running to the same level for a while, and in the long term. I was really enjoying the strength training I was doing, and can see myself moving towards more fitness/cross training/cross fit type work outs, plus adding in yoga for strength and flexibility which has always been a missing link in my fitness. I’ll ease back into running as I’m able, and I have a Ragnar on the table for September, but I have a different vision for now. I’m really going to be focused on my fitness, strength and health, as opposed to all-out, and as much as possible, running. And if I’m not healthy and ready for that race, then I’ll pull out. I’m going to prioritize health above all else.







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